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Welcome to bioCEEDs newsletter!

Monday this week marked an important milestone for bioCEED – a 1000 days have now passed since we were awarded status as a Center for Excellence in Biology Education by NOKUT.

During our 1000 first days in operation we have launched a wealth of projects and initiatives, big and small, towards developing biology educations that fulfill the needs of tomorrow’s society.  With global challenges in climate and environment, in food and energy production, in health and human well-being, there are increasing needs for biological knowledge, understanding and perspectives across society. We aim to provide educations that will provide our students not only with the knowledge and tools, but also with the perspective and wisdom needed to contribute to solve these challenges.

We started out with a wealth of plans and ideas, have experienced successes and setbacks, new insights and deja-vu experiences, we have had heated discussions and been inspired by each other and by working together.  With this newsletter, we wish to share some of these experiences and developments with you.

The bioCEED newsletter will be published once a month, and will present news and ongoing work in bioCEED – both finished projects and products and reports on ongoing and upcoming activities.

This time we are especially proud to launch our new web pages, where you can find information about us, our activities, projects and products, and of course on how to get involved.

We hope you will find the bioCEED newsletter enjoyable, inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking, and useful!


Very best wishes on behalf of the bioCEED team,

Vigdis Vandvik

Centre director


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