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bioCEEDs mid-term evaluation – where to from here?


Last week bioCEED handed in the very final document in the Centre of Excellence mid-term evaluation process, our Action Plan for the next funding period, to NOKUT. Our job is now done (more about that here) and we now eagerly await the evaluation panel’s final report and the NOKUT Board’s decision. Will we be funded for the remaining 5 years of the Centre period? Watch this space on December 12th

So, while we are waiting, you might ask what, exactly, are our plans and ambitions for the next funding period? You can read about it in full gory detail in the Action Plan, of course (well, maybe not so full and gory, it had a 5-page limit, which we almost met) but you can of course also just have the highlights.

First, many things will not change (if we can help it). bioCEED continues to develop relevant biology educations that fill future needs in science and society. And we still believe that this can best be achieved by linking scientific knowledge, disciplinary and transferable skills, and societal applications of biology. This biological triangle will continue to guide the development of curricula as well as teaching and learning methods throughout course portfolios and programs.

Our four focus areas –  teacher culture and educational leadership, innovative teaching, practical training, and outreach – will continue to guide and focus our activities.

What will change, then? Mainly the way in which we go about our work! In the first funding period, bioCEED focused on raising awareness, providing inspiration and knowledge, and generating understanding for the need to change what was already seen as very good education. We intentionally started with mobilizing the ‘coalition of the willing’ and then worked intentionally to reach out more broadly. Now the time is ripe for a more systematic approach. Some of our projects are now completed, and ready for being handed over to become part of the daily operation of our institutions and programs. Others are pilots that should now be taken up a step and implemented more broadly. Mainstreaming and alignment are the keywords here. Doing this will make room for a number of new and exciting projects, some of which are already planned out in detail, others which will no doubt emerge as we see the need and opportunity. To achieve this, we will continue to develop and strengthen the collegial and scholarly ‘project culture’ around educational development, modelled on the research culture. The goal is to benefit educational outcomes, effective assessment, student learning, job satisfaction among both teachers and supporting staff, collegiality, and institutions. No less.

Are you interested in learning more about us or some of our projects? Do you want to participate, collaborate, give us feedback, or get inspiration? Check out our webpage or contact us!

…and do keep your fingers crossed for us on December 12th

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