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Collegial Project Course 2018-2019

The 3rd edition of bioCEEDs Collegial project course (CPC) 2018-19 started up in August, and this time we invited biology teachers from other institutions in Norway to join us in the course.  There are 15 participants this year from BIO Bergen, and we also have a group of biologists from the University of Oslo and a group of PhD-students and postdocs joining the course this time. This combination of course participants will foster new collaboration and exchange across institutions and between TAs and course leaders.

The projects this year will focus on several important teaching and learning topics, like master program learning outcomes, supervision, program and course re-design and learning spaces. All the projects will be submitted as proposals for the Norwegian teaching and learning in STEM conference (MNT Konferansen 2019) as part of the course requirements.

The course leaders are Roy Andersson (LTH and bioCEED) and Arild Raaheim (UiB and bioCEED).

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