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Supporting students´ motivation increase their achievement and reduce dropout

A recent research published by researchers at bioCEED and the Department of Education at UiB finds that teachers that supports students´ motivation early in the semester predicts students´ end-of semester grade in biology. Furthermore, supporting students´ motivation reduces their intentions of dropping out of their biology education. Interestingly, feelings of belonging in their institution indirectly predicted achievement and dropout. Lastly, students’ intrinsic reasons for entering their biology education (such as helping the environment), relative to extrinsic reasons (such as getting rich) positively predicted students´ motivation and achievement, and negatively dropout. The results of this research were based on a national representative survey conducted by bioCEED in 2015. The study was published online in Educational Psychology in September 2018.

Reference and link to the article:  Lucas M. Jeno, Anne G. Danielsen & Arild Raaheim (2018) A prospective investigation of students’ academic achievement and dropout in higher education: a Self-Determination Theory approach, Educational Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/01443410.2018.1502412

Technology in itself does not increase motivation and learning

A paper by researchers at bioCEED was newly published in Computers & Education. The study was an experiment in which students were randomized to one of three conditions; ArtsApp mobile application, traditional textbook, or a digital version of the textbook. The results show that identifying species with both the technological tools is perceived as more novel than the traditional textbook. However, only ArtsApp enhances achievement and motivation, over and above the effect of perceived novelty. This is due to in-built functions in ArtsApp that provides students with feedback, lively pictures, self-paced learning, and optimal challenges. The results are important for how technological tools might be developed in order to provide optimal motivation.

Reference and link to the article: Jeno L.M., Vandvik V., Eliassen S. & Grytnes J.-A., Testing the novelty effect of an m-learning tool on internalization and achievement: A Self-Determination Theory approach, Computers & Education (2018), doi:

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