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Ivar Rønnestad gets national award for excellent teaching from the Olav Thon Foundation

Photo: Ivar Rønnestad

On January 10th, the Olav Thon foundation announced in a press conference that Prof. Ivar Rønnestad was awarded one of the three national prizes for excellent teaching.

Ivar Rønnestad, professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, UiB, has been teaching physiology, fish health and aquaculture since 1989. He is known for his strong international commitment both in his research- and teaching activities. He makes an continuous effort in keeping his courses aligned with research advances in the field, and in improving them by using research-based pedagogical strategies. He uses feedback from students in discussions or via course evaluation to actively improve the subjects he teaches both through the ongoing semester and over longer periods. He also makes use of new technologies such as live quizzes, questionnaires and polls via the communication software PollEverywhere to keep a high level of interaction in the classroom.

Rønnestad was nominated by the Department of Biological Sciences, along with bioCEED and the student organization LFFH – Linjeforeningen for Fiskehelse og Havbruk.

Ivar Rønnestad and bioCEED collaborate through several projects such as the INTPART-project ExcelAQUA which aims to establish a robust world-class and long-term collaborative platform for excellent education and research between dedicated key Norwegian and Japanese partners in sustainable aquaculture and integrative fish biology; more recently we also started developing together LKI, the larvae knowledge incubator, a web-platform that provides students with relevant, interactive learning resources in fish physiology.

bioCEED congratulates Ivar Rønnestad for his well-deserved award.







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