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AB-202 joins the bioST@TS family

The UNIS course AB-202 Marine Arctic Biology led by Janne Søreide recently joined the bioST@TS family. Students enrolled in AB-202 spend approximately a week on field and cruise, collecting samples and data which they further analyse back at the lab. Organizing, sorting and cleaning data sets, drawing meaningful plots and running statistical analysis are among the skills that they acquire during their stay.

To help them finding help and learning materials, higher executive officer Eike Stübner created a whole new bioST@TS section in “Examples in Biology Courses”, namely AB-202. This section gathers a series of posts which introduce to:

Photo: Øystein Varpe

  • preparation of data sets,
  • starting with R/Rstudio,
  • importing data into Rstudio,
  • writing scripts,
  • running multivariate analysis,
  • creating plots with ggplot,..

These posts are illustrated with examples from the field course, meaning that AB-202 students get to learn R/Rstudio and statistical analysis using data sets that are clearly understandable and relevant.


Click HERE to acces the AB-202 pages at bioST@TS.

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