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Olav Thon Award Ceremony 2019

On March 7th, the Olav Thon Foundation award winners of 2019 attended a formal ceremony at the Aula, the festive hall of the University of Oslo. bioCEEDsters Pernille B. Eidesen, Oddfrid Førland and Vigdis Vandvik, along with former student representative Ragnhild Gya were on stage to receive their awards from Olav Thon’s hands.

Pernille B. Eidesen was awarded a research grant of 1.5 MNOK for a project which will support the development of a high-arctic, interdisciplinary field laboratory for research and teaching. The goal is to establish measurement stations for obtaining a variety of parameters, biotic and abiotic, that are relevant when understanding both single components and relationships in an ecosystem. Read more here.


Pernille B. Eidesen receiving her award from Olav Thon and Lise Øvreås. Photo: UiO/Terje Heiestad


Oddfrid Førland, Ragnhild Gya, Endre Lygre (not present) and Vigdis Vandvik’s project “Fra Vugge Til Grad” (“From cradle to degree”) was also awarded 1.5 MNOK over a period of 3 years. “Fra Vugge Til Grad” wants to develop, test out, and document the effect of three learning programs in biology that actively use the opportunities that lie in the understandings of research-based education. Read more here.

Ragnhild Gya, Oddfrid Førland and Vigdis Vandvik receiving their award from Olav Thon. Photo: UiO/Terje Heiestad


Last but certainly not least, Ivar Rønnestad, professor at BIO, received the Olav Thon foundation national award for excellence in teaching. Rønnestad teaches physiology at BIO since the early 90’s. He has for many years had a strong international commitment – both in his research activity and in his teaching, and has succeeded particularly well in connecting research and education through various projects and activities. Read more here.


Ivar Rønnestad receiving the national award for outstanding teaching from Olav Thon. Photo: UiO/Terje Heiestad


Featured picture: UiO/Terje Heiestad.

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