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A short tutorial on how to do a screencast with OBS studio

A quick tutorial has been made on how to do a screencast of a presentation or lecture using the free open-source software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). A screencast consists in a video recording of the data or any other visual content displayed on a computer screen, typically with comments in the form of subtitles or voice over. You will find this tutorial on the bioCEED website, in the main menu under bioCEED for educators. Click HERE for accessing it directly.
Our tutorial is designed to help you get started with making videos of PowerPoint presentations with voiceover/webcam overlay. Recording your presentations can be useful in several ways and has a wide range of benefits. For instance, it can be a useful tool when preparing teaching material in the context of flipped classrooms, team-based learning, etc. By designing a short video recording on a specific topic, students may prepare themselves for upcoming classes. Alternatively, videos may be used as supplementary material to provide further considerations to a discussion initiated in the classroom.
It is also possible to use OBS as a tool to record your actual classroom teaching, and then podcast your lecture. Many students benefit greatly from podcasted lectures, having the ability to watch again the lecture. This is especially appreciated when the curriculum is difficult, or when the teaching language acts as a barrier for learning. Whenever recording your lectures in the classroom, remember the general data protection regulations (GDPR). Students must be informed in forefront that the lecture is recorded, why it is being recorded and who will have access to it. If students appear (or are identifiable) in the recordings, their consent must be documented.

Read more about one of our bioCEED team members’ experience with recording lectures click here.

For those of you working at UNIS or BIO, it is possible to borrow equipment such as webcam and microphone. Please take contact with your local bioCEED office (AB department at UNIS, A-building at BIO). We will also help you get started with OBS Studio.

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