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Pedagogical TA course runs at BIO for the first time

Photo: Dagmar Egelkraut

bioCEED, along with the Department of Education at UiB, held a two-day pedagogy course for TA´s (teaching assistants) and administrative staff with teaching responsibilities from the Department of Biological Sciences. The course was led by Associate Professor in University Pedagogy Lucas Jeno, with support from Christian Strømme and Dagmar Egelkraut. The course consisted of two modules; facilitation and leading of groups, and written feedback. We had 38 participants across the two days. The course was successful, and we received many positive feedback. We are now working on improving our course and make it even more relevant for our diverse participants. The goal is to provide this course at the start of each semester, and make it mandatory for PhD students and Postdocs with teaching responsibilities.

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