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First Student Poster Symposium in Person in 2 Years!

At last came the opportunity to hold the Student Poster Symposium at BIO in person. We had to wait two years, but it was definitely worth it! No less than 170 students, teaching assistants and teachers contributed to the symposium with 31 posters and 11 extended oral presentations resulting from the intensive work of either individuals or student groups.

Well-equipped with masks and disinfectant dispensers, we could finally meet and listen to the one-minute pitchers in the auditorium at Vilvite, before examining their posters in details at the mezzanine. It was thrilling to see the degree of interest participants had for each other's work, and to follow the conversations triggered by the presentations.


On the program of this Thursday, Nov. 25th were BIO250 - Palaeoecology, BIO299 - Research Practice in Biology and BIO300A - Academic Writing, 3 courses which are now regular guests of the fall symposium. New this semester was the participation of BIO201 - Ecology. BIO201 becomes now the 8th course to contribute to the event, and we hope that this participation is the first of a long series.

As usually, we asked students to give their peers feedback via an electronic form made available with QR codes strategically placed nearby the posters. Almost without surprise, the response was massive, and we counted over 500 forms filled up by the end of the session, an average of over 16 feedback forms per poster.

All posters presented this fall at Vilvite are now publicly available at bioPITCH, along with all the other posters that have been presented since 2016.

We invite you to join us at the end of the Spring semester for the 11th edition of the Student Poster Symposium at BIO. Information about where and when it will happen will soon be posted on the front page of bioPITCH. Again we hope that the upcoming symposium will be in person. Cross fingers...

Photos: Jonathan Soulé/bioCEED

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