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The importance of bachelor projects – bioCEED student seminar at UNIS

As bioCEED student representatives, we thought it would be important to bring up the topic of bachelor projects to our fellow students. Most of us are heading towards the end of our bachelors, and must therefore prepare for a bachelor project. But there are also many students that don’t need to do a bachelor project at all. Are they missing out?


We therefore invited all the bachelor students in biology to join in on a bioCEED student seminar the 5. October.  The event started with a small presentation by Nanna and Renate, talking about bioCEED and upcoming projects. Afterward PhD student Matteo Petit Bon talked about his experiences with the bachelor project he had back in Italy. Matteo shared that the university didn’t prepare him for the project. They did not have to read scientific reports, had no background in statistics or know how to work in the field. Even though, he was happy that he got to do a bachelor project, so that he at least got some experience before his master project.

After the presentations, we divided the group into two and sent each of them into different rooms for 30 minutes. In one of the rooms we had prepared a stand with the topic “How do you approach when writing a scientific report?”, where the students asked questions about their own projects and got general tips on how to proceed. The other stand had the topic: “How do you get the most out of reading a scientific report?, where the students went through a scientific paper. The students talked about their experiences with reading reports, as well as they got good tips on what to focus on. They spent 30 minutes in each room, and then we ended the evening with some pizza.

Renate and Nanna

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