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Foto: Steinar van der Meeren

My name is Gro, I am employed as senior scientist at the Institute of Marine Research, the national applied research institute connected to the ministry of Trade and Fisheries. My personal expertise is ecology, ethology and governmental ecosystem state- and advisory reports. This means I need to keep myself informed on marine science on all levels and fields. I am also one of the bioCEEDSters involved in offering practical experience and skills to biology students.

Real life and student life are quite different matters. I know from own experience that the step from being a biology student to get established in the real-world scientist is based on more than field courses, theory and exam results. A wider and mixed experience and seemingly irrelevant skills may turn out to be key factors to your real-world career. Add to that advantage of emerging network with wider professional biologists outside the university already before finishing your bachelor degree and you should be on track to make more mature choices for your future after the bachelor degree, going for a PhD or other alternatives.

As leader of the work package within bioCEED concerned with how students are offered working place hosts, and how the hosts can be best possible prepared to host practice students, I, along with bioCEEDSters at the universities of Bergen and Svalbard, hope these processes can be made into basic processes and practice experience can be offered to all biology students, even after termination of bioCEED.


While my job as senior scientist most of the time has turned out to be behind the computer, a meaningful part of my tasks is communicating science, to students, other scientists or to the society. Photo grabbed from the Directory of Environment video «Naturindeks for Norge conference, 2015»

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