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SFUs spearheading active learning and digitalization in higher education

On November 23rd-24th, the Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education (Norgesuniversitetet) and the University of Bergen hosted the National conference: Digitalization in higher education. The conference included topics related to the digitalization of teaching, assessment and dissemination, digital tools as support for student-active learning methods and employment relevance in the study programs.


On the second day of the conference, the Centres of Excellence in Education had a parallel session presenting active learning and digitalization. We were introduced to CCSEs work on integrating computing in all Science Education and ProTeds research on digital learning modules and videoessays. Representing bioCEED during the parallel, postdoc Anne-Laure Simonelli presented Teach2Learn (Active learning creating video tutorials) where BSc and MSc students in biology create video tutorials alongside their classes to teach other students key scientific concepts.




Teach2Learn activities are designed to meet the demands of three levels of end-users: teachers, students as audience and students as producers. The project Teach2Learn also researches the impact of using videos as a learning activity, including the effect on student preparedness prior to class when watching these video tutorials in addition to the more traditional course material. We also investigate how the students’ learning process is influenced by creating video tutorials for peers.


The video tutorials contribute to the bioCEED’s platform bioSKILLS and are accessible to all at The collection of videos already produced, includes: video tutorials on statistics and data management in R, lab material and techniques (e.g. use of microscope, dissection), fisheries and marine biological methods (e.g. different fishing and sampling gears) and descriptions of organismal biology.

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