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Full attendance at first bioBreakfast-talk 2018

bioBreakfast is a pilot project at UNIS, arranged by the bioCEED student representatives. The project is aiming for students inspiring and advising each other across graduate levels and faculties, with a main focus on biology topics. The purpose of bioBreakfast is to invite master and PhD students to have a talk about their personal experiences during their studies and why they chose their topic of interest. In addition, as the name reveals, delicious breakfast is served during the talk. An important part of the event are interactive discussions around questions from students during and after the talk. As it is of growing importance to communicate knowledge across different studies, it is endeavored to include students of all study sections.

The first bioBreakfast-talk this spring was held by PhD student Matteo Petit Bon, communicating his research on plant-herbivore interactions in the Arctic. To achieve the attendance from all students, the event was announced on a Facebook page available to all UNIS students, requesting a brief information on attendance in order to plan the event. We as the student representatives of bioCEED were very happy when noticing that 43% of the students showing up were other than biology students. To maintain scientific discussions across faculties, it is desirable to introduce topics and questions relevant not only for biologists, but all science students, and we are looking forward to the next bioCEED event at UNIS!

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