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bioSPIRE, a brand new student-driven project

Welcome to bioSPIRE, the latest addition to the bioCEED family of student-coordinated platforms.

bioSPIRE, a subtle mix of “spire” ([ˈspiːre]: sprout in Norwegian) and “inspire”, has a double purpose:

  1. to help bachelor students in biology (the “sprouts“) get a taste of practical biology by participating to a more experienced student’s project on the field or at the lab,
  2. to give Master and PhD students the chance to inspire the younger ones by inviting them in their project and communicating their passion, while they get a bit of help collecting samples or data.

Starting this week, Master and PhD students at BIO can submit a project description on the website. Upon approval, the offers will be published on the frontpage of the website; bachelor students will then be able to pick one and take contact with the project owner directly.

There will of course be some limitations to the involvement of bachelor students in research projects. Contracts between project owners and bioSPIRE will ensure that the tasks to perform are relevant and meaningful (preparing coffee not being one of them). Among the rules are that the involvement shall not exceed one week or 40 hours in total; besides, no credit (ECTS) or salary can be claimed by nor attributed to the bachelor student.

We hope that this new project will give many a chance to practically try a field of biology, possibly generate vocations or passion, and create bridges between students of different ages and fields.

For more information, visit bioSPIRE at or contact the bioSPIRE committee at

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