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Internship course at UNIS on its way!

Photo: UNIS

From the coming autumn, students with prior experience in Arctic Biology can apply for the new course AB-208 “Internship in Arctic Biology”. This 15 ECTS-course offers the possibility to gain work experience at a company in Longyearbyen, while at the same time attending a series of seminars, where students can reflect on and discuss their experience at the internship workplace. Potential internship places are for example Longyearbyen School, Polar Permaculture or as technician within the Arctic Biology department at UNIS. The students can learn about processes that are typical for the internship host company and have the possibility to discover professional abilities and skills needed. Another main part of the course is documentation and reflection of experiences made, as well as learning outcomes achieved. A series of digital publications (Blog/Podcast/Video), a reflection note and an oral presentation will encourage such reflection. The focus during the course will be on personal experiences and personal development of the students.

For the coming autumn, the course can only be taken in combination with the course AB-207 “Research project in Arctic Biology”. Taking those two courses together, students will have a full semester of relevant practical experiences – both within research as well as another workplace where biologists are needed.

The course has been under development throughout the last two years and was able to incorporate experience made at the Internship courses at UiB, which was very helpful. So fingers crossed, everything will work smoothly the first time the course is held.

The course description will be available at the UNIS home page very soon.

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