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Promoting BIO’s educational programme in marin research

The spring deadline for application to bachelor and master programmes is just around the corner (April 15th). Our future students must take a decision now, and it is up to us to convince them that biology is their future!

BIO, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and The DigUiB Learning and Communication Lab have recently joined forces to better promote educational programmes, and provide teaching activities with adapted audio-visual productions and learning resources. One of the first productions came in the form of the webpage “Slik blir du havforsker” which showcases BIO’s master programme in marin biology, among others.

Of particular interest is the introductory video (see below) made by Asbjørn Leirvåg featuring teachers and students in BIO325 – Ocean Science. We hope that this example highlighting the benefits of the course, as well as the students’ motivation and enthusiasm, will inspire biology teachers to sprinkle their activities with a touch of digital teaching and learning resources.

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