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Teaching portfolio workshop at UNIS

In the end of August Anders Ahlberg from Lund University held a teaching portfolio workshop at UNIS where participants got feedback by their peers and by workshop leader on their teaching portfolio writing.  For faculty members a teaching portfolio is a way to document and analyse their own teaching practices to support and document pedagogical experience and developments. This workshops builts upon an introductory teaching portfolio workshop given earlier at UNIS in 2017.

The workshop is based on nearly two decades of developing and researching scholarly reward systems, mainly in STEM disciplines at Lund University, which has been the template for the reward system Excellent Teaching Practitioner (Framragende underviser/ETP) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bergen. As part of the bioCEED network, UNIS has joined the ETP-system at UiB. In the ETP process academics apply for the ETP degree through the submission of a teaching portfolio which is assessed by previously rewarded peers from within the science disciplines (interviews based on submitted portfolios).

For the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiB and UNIS the ETP application deadline is set to 1. October 2018.

Information about the merit system for teaching at UNIS:



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