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Thank you to all who contributed to ISSOTL18!

It has been an honor and a privilege for bioCEED, in partnership with the Department of Education, University of Bergen, to host ISSOTL18 in Bergen. We would like to thank the ISSOTL Board of Directors for giving us the opportunity to bring the ISSOTL conference to Bergen, and the more than 670 participants who attended the conference in Bergen. This year there were more than 400 newcomers and a record number of participants from Norway. We appreciate the high quality and meaningful content of the many presentations, the discussions they sparked, and the many new acquaintances and friendships. Participants came from more than 25 different countries, some travelling more than 10 000 miles to join us in Bergen. We hope everyone learned something new and made some fruitful connections throughout the conference.

At the opening keynote by Helen Bråten and friends, we learned about how Norway went SOTL with an array of speakers and actors – including students, teachers, leaders and the Quality Assurance Agency. Elizabeth Minnich underlined the importance of staying aware, not only awake, and of working with students to keep them – and ourselves- thinking, disciplinarily, morally, ethically, and politically. Renuka Vithal gave us insights about leadership strategy for integrating SOTL into institutional policy and practice. And Torgny Roxå closed the conference by reminding us of how a culture learns when new people talk about new things in new ways – and inspiring us to embrace connected knowing while still championing critique in our SOTL practice.

The Conference Co-Chairs: Roy Andersson, Yael Harlap and Oddfrid Førland (Photo: Oddrun Samdal)

We are especially grateful for the outstanding job our volunteers did – before, during and after the conference. You have been great – and without you ISSOTL18 would not have been what it became.

The conference was generously supported of bioCEED, the University of Bergen, Advance HE, 2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research, Oxford University Press and Epigeum, Palgrave Macmillan, POD Network, Stylus Publishing, Willey, Taylor & Francis Group, Cambridge University Press and Indiana University Press. We thank our sponsors for helping make the conference a success.

Thank you, all!

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