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bioCEED at the MNT Conference 2019

The MNT (STEM) Conference is always a great opportunity to meet colleagues from around Norway to be inspired, discuss, present and reflect on teaching and learning in STEM! This year’s conference (MNT2019 – Constructive alignment) lived up to our expectations and we enjoyed many excellent presentations and discussion over the two conference days in beautiful Tromsø.

bioCEED was well represented in the program, in addition to hosting a stand with our SFU siblings Matric and Excited.

Christian Jørgensen from BIO, UiB, and Helen Bråten from NOKUT challenged us with their question in the opening keynote Can ‘passed with distinction’ as a new grading scale in Norway speed up the transition towards active learning and formative assessment?


The MNT Conference was chosen to be the venue for the final project presentations in the 2018/19 bioCEED Collegial Project Course – Teaching and Learning in Biology. The participants submitted their proposals to the conference, and passed through the conference peer-review process and were all accepted!

Our four course groups presented their project in the parallel sessions, and also participated in the full conference. (The course leader reports that they all passed with distinction!).

You will find their full papers in the Conference proceedings.

  • Use of Active Learning Methods and Technologies – Obstacles, Incentives, and Bottlenecks, by Katja Enberg, Ståle Ellingsen and Ida Helene Steen (BIO UiB)
  • Learning by doing and reflection: the redesign of an alpine ecology field course, by Ragnhild Gya, Siri V Haugum, Franscesca Jaroszynska and Jorun Nylehn (BIO UiB)
  • Entry and Exit Surveys As a Tool for Aligning Learning Goals, Alexander Eiler, Tom Andresen, Stein Fredriksen, Kyrre Grøtan, Karoline Saubrekka, Josefin Titelman (IBV, UiO)
  • Learning Outcomes at Master Level in Biology. Current Expectations and Guidelines for the Future, by Selina Våge, Aina-Cathrine Øvergård, Mariann Eilertsen, Florian Berg and Jorun Nylehn (BIO UiB)

We would like to thank the conference organizers, our course participants and our colleagues from around Norway for a great conference!

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