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Fish To Mars – The Metal Science Opera is back.

Fish To Mars comes back on May 10th, 11th and 14th at the Aquarium of Bergen with a new, improved show, new cast and crew. Buy your tickets HERE.

What would happen if Bruce Dickinson and David Attenborough made a musical? we have an idea: Fish To Mars: the Metal Science Opera, premiering 10th of May with about an hour of action and heavy music. Never before have two of Bergen’s best global exports joined forces for such an explosive event.
The timing could not be better. The story takes place in the near future when colonization of Mars is a fact, and Earth’s condition is affected by decisions taken above everyone’s head. We have mineral mining, data storage on DNA, the origin of life, gene editing and normal “aliens”. All this, while following our hero Lola Larsen on her reluctant trip to Mars to confirm an unusual find. she finds something completely different, and she and her crew must take some life-changing decisions.
When real science makes you wanna scream like an opera – tickets available HERE. Updated website HERE. Follow us also on Facebook.






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