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Podcasts on Teaching & Learning (in Norwegian)

bioCEED would like to recommend some interesting podcasts about Teaching and Learning in Norway:


Don’t miss NOKUT-podden, the podcast on higher education produced by NOKUT, the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

The latest episodes of NOKUT-podden are:


There is much to learn from this podcast (especially if you understand Norwegian…). Here are the other episodes:



Prof. Gunn Enli, pro-dean at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo recently started “Undervisningsplikten”, a podcast for all those with interest for teaching and learning in Higher Education in Norway.

The idea with this podcast is to “share experiences and reflect on both the dark and bright sides of teaching. It is meant for the employees of the Faculty, she says in an interview, but is also relevant for an audience outside of the Faculty. It is for all of those who play a role in teaching”.

Here is a list of her recent episodes:

The podcast page is accessible via this link. Find it also on iTunes.



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