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Great success with student poster symposium

The BIO-courses SDG214 Life below water , SDG215 Life on land, BIO201 Ecology and BIO241 Behavioural Ecology organized an open joint student poster session on 22nd May. This event turned out to be a major success, with full house of students and faculty alike. It might be that our pizza-serving helped to attract audience 😉
The students gave a very short, 1-2 minutes summary of their posters, and the audience wandered around discussing with the students. Best poster award was also given, based on voting by the audience. This time the winners where Frida Klubb, Sigurn Korsnes, Myo Win Zaw, Hedda Ørbæk with their poster “How to overfish – A guide to unsustainable management of marine resources”.
The success of this student poster session encourages us to make this a tradition. Designing, making, and presenting a poster together with participating in a poster session are all important transferable skills the students will benefit from in their future studies and career.

All the posters from the SDG-courses can be seen here.

Poster presentations stimulated discussion and debate.

Presenters had to face a massive crowd at Marineholmen.

Myo Win Zaw, Frida Klubb, Hedda Ørbæk and Sigurn Korsnes won the award for best poster.

Each group gave a 1-2 minute presentation of their poster.

Course leaders Inger Måren (SDG15) and Katja Enberg (SDG14)

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