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bioCEEDsters: Timon Brüggemann

My name is Timon and I work at the University Centre in Svalbard at the AB department as a technician. Here I am working with both the FieldPass project and in bioCEED. 

Currently I work with developing an e-learning platform for Arctic Biology students and staff ( and with developing mini e-courses with certification in the end. The aim of both these projects is to improve teaching outcomes and course alignment. As I am specialized in being a generalist… or a potato as some would say, I work with anything that FieldPass and bioCEED send my way. Currently that is video production, website development and a podcast that we will start working on soon. 

I would describe myself as the “odd duck” when it comes to my background. In Germany I have been educated as a Production Technician in Research and Development of Pharmaceuticals and had many different jobs ranging from cabin host and dog sledding guide to film production technician. I have always been drawn to personally challenging jobs with an element of development. During my years of being an Arctic tourist guide, I discovered my passionate love of teaching people that are interested in the subject. In my work here I feel that I can combine both the development aspect and teaching. 

Knowledge and happiness become more when they are shared. That’s why I think conveying knowledge in a better way, as is the ultimate goal of bioCEED and FieldPass, is a meaningful task to work with. 

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