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Pedagogical TA course is here to stay

For the second time, bioCEED has held a pedagogical two-day course for teaching assistants (TA) at BIO. This is a continuation of the previous TA course. However, based on feedback from the participants, as well as teachers at BIO, we have tried to improve the course by providing better examples and more relevant content for the participants. Given the pandemic situation, the course was held fully digitally through Zoom. The course was structured as two modules assigned to separate days, each module covering related themes. The first module covered facilitation of group teaching, in which teaching was synchronous and asynchronous (individual coursework between sessions). The second module was dedicated to written feedback with a combination of presentations, practical assignments, and plenary reflections and discussion. The course was attended by approximately 33 participants across both days, and was led by Lucas Jeno, with close assistance from Christian Strømme and Dagmar Egelkraut. bioCEED will continue to offer this TA course at the start of each semester for new teaching assistants, PhD, Postdocs, and technical staff with teaching responsibilities

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