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Bikuben student journal

Bikuben is aiming towards a physical edition this May. Our current main focus is therefore on getting our waiting contributions out online. Regardless, there is always room for more! If you know any students, or you are a student yourself that has a good text just waiting to be published, do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to pushing out more content we are always working on improving our webpage. Our main focus online right now is adapting our publications in a way that makes it possible to incorporate Google Scholar. This will allow our Authors to start accumulating citations in an early stage of their scientific career.

Further, our merchandise is hopefully arriving soon, after a lot of back and forth emailing with the suppliers. We are looking forward to handing out umbrellas and coffee-cups to everyone that has taken part in the journal so far. Hopefully this will further help promote Bikuben and lead to new contributions.

We have had some difficulties with reaching out to students when we started off, but are now slowly receiving more contributions. So far we have published two texts online: “Let’s talk about sex: Exploring evolutionary explanations for the persistence of sexual reproduction in eukaryotes” by Mads S. Michalsen, and “The Insect Apocalypse: a cause for concern or simply an exaggeration?” by Susanne Zazzera.

We are realizing that one of our best ways of promoting the journal is actually publishing texts, leading to friends and family of authors interacting with our social media. In addition to friends and family interacting, the texts are promoted with pictures of the authors through info-screens at campus, working as an inspiration for other students.

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