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DEVELOP is developing

We are excited to report that Developing evidence-based mentoring for better STEM work placements (DEVELOP) is officially underway! In short, DEVELOP is a HKDir-funded project that seeks the continued input of many work-placement supervisors, or hosts, in developing a series of on-line modules to assist in mentoring the hosts’ future student workers. We had our kickoff meeting 9 February, involving project participants from UiB, UiO, UiT, and the University of Minnesota (US). We also had our first DEVELOP administrative meeting, and we are arranging our first focus-group meeting (for hosts in the Bergen area) for April at IMR. Finally, we had our first WP #1 meeting, to start planning our focus-group protocol for the meeting in April. In the weeks to come, we at UiB will hire a student research technician to help transcribe and analyze focus-group data; critically, this student will be part of a student-research team for DEVELOP, collaborating with a student from UiO and one from UiT. We anticipate exciting updates over the next three years of the project…stay tuned!

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