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“Leading Educational Change – through SOTL”, final session at UNIS

The “Leading Educational Change—Through SoTL” course (LEC) met for its fourth and final course session at UNIS 20 April. The final day of the course largely involved course teams presenting updates on their course projects, initiated in the Fall at our first session in Bergen. Several presentations, manuscripts, and follow-up projects have been initiated during this course, and we are excited to see where things go from here. Critically, the experience brought together iEarth and bioCEED partners, in what we hope is the first of many such collaborative learning experiences. Thanks to our colleagues from Lund--Roy Andersson, Torgny Roxå, and Anders Ahlberg—for leadership during the course.

Given the money, time, and CO2 involved in traveling from UiB to Svalbard, we try to make the most of our time there, and the recent trip was no exception. Oddfrid, Sehoya, and Tina chatted about the budget and current bioCEED activities at UNIS. The two SFUs had a discussion about future collaborative possibilities, and we were able to have several in-person meetings related to various projects (e.g., FieldPass). And we had an amazing field excursion, led by Tina, on snow scooters. Highlights included seeing an arctic fox and ptarmigan, descending into an ice cave, cuddling some sled dogs, and enjoying a truly spectacular day in the high Arctic. Thanks, Tina et al, for another memorable visit to UNIS!


Photos: Kari Bjørgo Johnsen

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