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Invitation to apply for the course Collegial Teaching and Learning in STEM Education

Course Information

Collegial Teaching and Learning in STEM Education is an elective teaching and learning course in higher education offered by bioCEED to all MN-UiB and UNIS¹ staff². The course is given in English and requires no previous pedagogical training and welcomes both experienced and more novice teachers and staff. On completion of the course, you will receive a diploma that states the content and extent of the course (5 ECTS), which corresponds to three weeks full-time work. This course will count as part of the basic pedagogical competence requirement at UiB/UNIS.

The course introduces you to core concepts of teaching and learning in higher education to develop your ability to improve student learning. The course is focused on reading, discussing, documentin¹g, and reflecting on pedagogical topics specifically related to teaching and learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) within the participants’ practices.  Activities in the course shall provide participants with a common educational language, support collegial reflections and a scholarly approach to teaching and learning.  

The main component of the course is a group SoTL³ project, addressing a teaching and learning issue of relevance to the participants’ own practice. The final project product can be a project report, a paper intended for publication in a teaching and learning journal, or a submission to a teaching and learning conference. The course schedule is aligned with the deadlines of Læringsfestivalen 2023 (Trondheim).  


The course is offered to MN-UiB and UNIS¹ staff². You may sign up as a group or individually. If you sign up without a group, you will be assigned to a group of 3-5 other participants. The application deadline is 25 August 2022. Apply here:  

Scheduled activities (at least 75% attendance required) 

  Date  Time  Content 
1  5 Oct 2022  13:15-16:00  Introduction, requirements, core pedagogical concepts, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) 
2  2 Nov 2022  13:15-16:00 


Active and inclusive teaching workshop, literature reporting, teaching and learning project discussions 
3  30 Nov – 1 Dec 2022  Groupwise feedback on project development 
4  10 Jan 2023  13:15-16:00  Project session – feedback project 
5  9 Mar 2023  10:15-12:00  Project session – feedback on almost final product 
    13:15-16:00  Teaching portfolio workshop 
  8-9 May 2023  Final project product/Participation at Læringsfestivalen at NTNU 

For more detailed information on the course work, see the course program.

Course team 

Roy Andersson
Associate professor II, bioCEED UiB and Senior Lecturer, Centre for Engineering Education LTH. 

Oddfrid Førland
Senior Advisor, bioCEED UiB. 

Sehoya Cotner
Professor, bioCEED UiB

Send us an e-mail at and  

¹We will make adaptions for UNIS participants to be able to participate without excessive travelling

²This includes all categories of employees that work with education, teaching and learning (i.e. professors, PhDs, administration, technicians etc).

³Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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