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bioCEED teaching and learning toolkit

We are now launching the bioCEED toolkit, where we present short cases that describe some of our teaching and learning innovations and activities. We hope they can inspire other students, teachers, and educational developers to make their version of these learning experiences. The cases present a short background and purpose, the community, tools and activities, and point to further information and resources.

The toolkit will grow in time, and currently there are 8 cases published on how to…

design a student research practice course  (V. Vandvik & K. Holtermann)

design a collegial teaching and learning course with SoTL group projects (R. Andersson)

… create a student-research community (S. Cotner)

giving student a taste of practical research (R. Gya, T. Dahl, J.Soulé)

support students developing their numerical competency (J. Soulé)

use certification to assess skills (S. Lang, PB. Eidesen, A. Bjune, A. Pieńkowski, T. Dahl)

 support students developing their writing skills (S. Lang, T. Dahl)

create a learning community for students supporting students (L. M. Myhre, R. Gya).

We thank all the students and educators that have contributed so far, and stay tuned for more!

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