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Teaching palaeoecology

In November a special issue was published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution on the theme “Teaching palaeosciences to future generations”. Anne Bjune was one of the editors. 

Palaeosciences covers many disciplines (biology, geology, geography) and student training happen in a wide range of environments. This can potentially be pedagogical challenging. In the special issue some of the recent developments are shared for in-class teaching and for field and laboratory teaching. 

The special issue covers different insights into challenges and developments that have happened within the palaeosciences. It covers topics like problem solving, hands-on experiential learning (field and lab), interdisciplinarity, communication, competence development, and collegial sharing through field and lab work, museum visits and gaming. The papers in the issue also discuss how to communicate and transfer the knowledge of scientific methods, important results, knowledge, and the general use and importance of palaeoscience better and more effectively to students as well as the public. 

The papers in the special issue can be found here: 

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