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Time for the last newsletter of 2022. It seems like the year has disappeared fast and I guess that means we have all been very active with our various projects. The bioCEED newsletters have come thick and fast throughout the year and have made for a fascinating and colourful read every time. The new layout I feel works particularly well. 

At UNIS the bachelor students are completing their semester studies, the corridors starting to empty as they leave, and it will soon be time for the next group to arrive. At UNIS we have now had our new Learning Areas in operation for their first semester and initial feedback is that the students appreciate the new facilities greatly. Not only is the room being used, but it seems to be used for its intended purpose.  I have been very impressed with how smoothly the implementation has gone. One long wall of the room is a window facing out onto the main road. Maybe not the intended function, but this has meant that Tina and I have found it is quite easy to keep track on how, and when, the room is in use. I think it’s clear that the importance of student access to such facilities cannot be exaggerated. An evaluation together with the students is planned for next year so watch this space. 

The recent SFU network gathering in Bergen has received great feedback from the students who attended. They report being inspired to actively participate in course mid-term evaluations and that they have a deeper understanding of the curriculum than before.  So large congratulations are due to the organisers. 

It feels sad to be soon moving into the final year of bioCEED but there are plenty of achievements to be proud of and activities and tools that will outlast bioCEED in its present form. I look forward to an exciting future and for the further development of the bioCEED legacy. 

Since many of us are travelling over the next few weeks, myself included, I take the opportunity to wish all a happy festive season. 

Steve Coulson – deputy leader of bioCEED 

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