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ExcelAQUA and FILAMO, two new INTPART projects with bioCEED as partner

INTPART will fund partnerships between Norwegian higher education and research institutions and excellent partners in prioritized countries. Special emphasis is on integrating higher education- and research, and may include business partners.  INTPART is an SIU and Research Council collaboration.


ExcelAQUA – Norway-Japan Partnership for Excellent Education and Research in Aquaculture

ExcelAQUA will establish and develop a world-class collaborative platform for excellent education and research between key Norwegian and Japanese partners in Sustainable Aquaculture and Integrative Fish Biology.

Ivar Rønnestad

Professor Ivar Rønnestad (Department of Biology, UiB) will lead the project, which has an exceptionally strong team of partners. The Department of Biology, bioCEED (Centre of Excellence in Biology Education), CtrlAQUA (Research driven Innovation Centre for Closed-containment Aquaculture and The Seafood Innovation Cluster (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) will join forces with five Japanese partner institutions to develop excellence in research-based education.

With Sustainable Aquaculture as the main topic, the projects primary objectives include the establishment of a collaborative platform for excellence in research and education including joint courses, workshops, co-supervision and opportunities for mobility for students and researchers.

ExcelAQUA will establish world class research activities that support and facilitate mobility of students and researchers during the project period. We aim to build an exciting, innovative and stimulating intellectual and world-class milieu for students, scientists and visitors alike.


FILAMO – Connecting FIeld work and LAboratory experiments to numerical MOdeling in a changing marine environment

Bergen, mars 2015: Øyvind Fiksen, UiB. Foto: Eivind Senneset

Øyvind Fiksen, UiB. Photo: Eivind Senneset

The FILAMO project, led by professor Øyvind Fiksen and postdoc Christian Lindemann, will train the next generation of multidisciplinary marine scientists to integrate and communicate across field- and laboratory- and numerical modelling approaches. To achieve this goal the project will provide students and young scientists with meeting places and opportunities to combine research, research training and higher education by funding student exchange, researcher mobility, organizing summer schools and workshops across these methodological approaches.

FILAMO will generate awareness to the scientific, educational and general public about the need for cross-methodological collaboration and capacities and develop lasting structures to foster integrated understanding in marine research and educational practice through capacity building and exchange across borders of labs, countries and approaches and the development of continued project collaborations.


Chris Lindemann

The project is a collaboration between the Department of Biology and bioCEED, the Marine Research Institute at University of Cape Town in South Africa and the Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo, and will allow students and young researchers in marine sciences to access a combination of cross-methodological research, training and education within a broad network of international collaborators.


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