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New student representatives ready to join in!

Welcome to our new bioCEED student representatives at UNIS!  Malene Klakegg Vinnes and Mari Engelstad are going to join in the bioCEED team for the spring semester 2017.  bioCEED are looking very much forward to have you both in our group!


Malene Klakegg Vinnes:


I am a student at the Integrated Teacher Programme with Master in Science (Biology). This semester I am studying arctic biology at UNIS as an addition to my education at NTNU in Trondheim. I am passionate about that the biological education shall be experienced as relevant and meaningful. That the students, during and after lectures and practical training can use what they have learned to see the world, and the society, in a greater perspective, and at the same time use the learning outcome to work for a better world.  This is what motivates me the most to be a student representative in BioCEED.







Mari Engelstad:

mari-engelstadI am a 24 year old biology student currently in the second year of my bachelors degree at the university of Oslo. I have a great interest in the quality of education, and have some previous experience with the revision of the bachelor program at UiO, as well as other tasks from my involvement in the student council at the institute of biological sciences at the university of Oslo.






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