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Summary of research group meetings in Bergen

picture1During spring 2017, we have organized bioCEED research meetings every other week. The research group has met for one hour were the meetings have consisted of theoretical and practical discussions, and feedback on individuals’ work. We have discussed diverse themes such as motivation, self-determination theory, qualitative and quantitative methods, learning, and digital pedagogical tools. During this semester the group have had two Masters of Science students in Education affiliated to the group. The students have presented ideas for their Master thesis, as well as preliminary results. Furthermore, several members have of the group have presented ongoing projects and preliminary results; Of these, include research on field learning, mobile-learning, team-based learning, motivation and learning, and biology teachers´ biology knowledge formation. Some researchers have presented tentative research ideas for prospective studies.

The research group meetings will start again next semester in September, 2017. We welcome interested Master students, administrative, and researchers to the meetings, either to learn and discuss, or present ideas or preliminary results. We hope to see you there next semester, in person or by skype, vital and ready to discuss education and pedagogy. To sign up to receive invitations to the research group meetings, please contact Lucas M. Jeno, or Torstein N. Hole

Torstein N. Hole

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