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Teach2Learn back on Svalbard

This last week in September our Te2Le project team visited UNIS for a new production round of student tutorials. This year the student tutorials are based on the student project work at the Terrestrial Arctic Biology course (AB-201) where the students have been collecting the data material along the western and northern coast of Svalbard. Prior to the visit, the students had prepared some ideas for the filming and some elements of their statistical analyses, which they wanted to presents in the video tutorials. Preparing video scrips is time consuming work and even though the film will only be 4 minutes long, it needs many hours of careful planning.

In October Te2Le will be back again at UNIS, helping students filming more sequences, editing videos and publishing the tutorials for other students to learn from.



Film sequence:

Henni: Hey Hannes, there is a reindeer!

Hannes:  Jeeee, Henni, look! There are loads!

Henni and Hannes: Hmm, I wonder if there is a way we can estimate their distribution…


Short facts about Te2Le:

  • The goal of the project is to teach BSc and MSc students cross-disciplinary transferable skills in the field of biology
  • Students create 4 minutes video tutorials in order to teach their peers scientific concepts
  • The collection of video tutorials will be a part of bioCEEDs digital platform
  • Approximately 60 students from BIO and UNIS have been involved in Te2Le since spring 2016
  • Te2Le is led by postdoc Anne-Laure Simonelli and is part of the PRIME project in bioCEED
  • For last years production of Svalbard tutorials click here
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