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How to get the best job – a job application student seminar in Bergen

Photo: Ragnhild Gya

bioCEED’s student representatives n Bergen thought that students needed a job application seminar, specific for biologists, so… they organized it! On October 26th, 40 students, mostly master students, gathered to listen to Eivind Olsvik from Sammen Råd & Karriere and Ørjan Totland, head of the Department of Biology at UiB who presented good tips regarding job applications.

Eivind Olsvik talked about job advertisements and how to write a good job application. Students were given exercises where they had to read two job applications and had to pinpoint why they liked one better than the other. They were also given a few job advertisements where everyone had to define whether  the job was relevant, worth applying for, and define why.

The next session held by Ørjan Totland dealt with the art of writing a CV. Using an concrete example, he highlighted the good parts and brought up the absence of some important elements. This presentation gave rise to a lot of questions, essentially with regard to building or structuring the different parts of the CV.

The audience was eventually given the chance to give their feedback on the contents of this seminar: the importance of the topic was clearly recognized and many thought that this event was very helpful for them.


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