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bioCEED student representatives at student conference for the Faculty of Medicine

In October Ragnhild Gya, student representative of bioCEED in Bergen, and Jenny Neuhaus, oracle in biORACLE in Bergen, participated to the student conference for the Faculty of Medicine in Bergen. The conference topic was the new building that is going to host all the educations and facilities that is related to health, where students were invited to be inspired and brainstorm about this new university area. The meeting held 120 students and involved discussing future challenges within the field of expertise, interdisciplinary practical training and student involvement. The last part was presented by Ragnhild and Jenny.

bioCEED has been successful in its student involvement on several levels focusing on motivating teachers to focus more on student active learning and involving students in evaluation of curriculum and courses. The talk by Ragnhild and Jenny focused more on what the students themselves could do. First there was a section on how students could be active in their own learning, to prepare themselves and how to engage other students about the subjects, for example through study groups. Second, they talked about the student seminars that bioCEED student representatives have organized, and motivated the participants to talk about the same themes and other things that interested them within their field. Third, they presented one of bioCEEDs student driven projects: biORACLE. Here Jenny talked about her experience as an oracle, what she had learned from it, and how she felt the students appreciated it. Hopefully this will inspire the students of the Faculty of Medicine to be more involved in their studies, and in their student lives.

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