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New bioCEED-paper: The relative effect of team-based learning on motivation and learning.

A new study by bioCEED-members and collaborators from the Department of Education (UiB) and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, has been published in the scientific journal CBE-Life Sciences Education. The investigation was a quasi-experiment in which 64 students participated in traditional lectures for four weeks and then Team-Based Learning for four-weeks. The researchers collected data after both teaching methods and compared the results. The results show that compared to traditional lectures, the students became more intrinsically motivated, more competent, more engaged, and learnt more in Team-Based Learning classes. However, the students felt more pressure coming to Team-Based Learning class, compared to traditional lectures. The implications of the study are important for educators in higher education who consider the effect of different teaching methods. Teachers are encouraged to consider the underlying motivational pulls with different teaching methods.

Jeno, et al. (2017). The relative effect of team-based learning on motivation and learning: A self-determination theory perspective. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 16:4; doi: 10.1187/cbe.17-03-0055.

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