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New Ocean Science video tutorials – created for students by students!

Under the Teach2Learn project, master students have produced a new series of video tutorials in the course Ocean Science (BIO325), led by professor Anne Gro Vea Salvanes at the Department of Biology, UiB. The tutorials act as additional teaching support to introduce fellow students to sampling methods and instruments used to collect data for marine research.

Students Gaute Seljestad, Karoline Viberg and Synne Myhre Sunde filming a scene for their video tutorial What can we learn from using acoustics on-board a research ship and what do we use it for? UiB, Nov. 2017.

With guidance from the TE2LE team, seven groups of students produced video tutorials to answer the following questions:

On December 6th, students, professors, and administrative staff were invited to watch the video tutorials while enjoying some pizza and softdrinks.

Students, professors, and administrative staff enjoying some pizza while watching the video tutorials. UiB, 6/12/2017



The audience gave points to each video based on creativity and how well the message comes through, and of course there was a price for the highest scoring video.

Evaluation and scoring of the video tutorials’ quality to elect the best video tutorial. UiB, 6/12/2016

UiB, 6/12/2016












Congratulations to Magnus Heide Andreasen, Christine Holberg Østensvig and Hilde Sofie Fantoft Berg, producers of the video Can ROV be used for biodiversity studies and for quantifying megafauna? who won a gift certificate at a student bookshop.

Magnus Heide Andreasen, Hilde Sofie Fantoft Berg and Christine Holberg Østensvig receiving the award from Prof. Anne-Gro Vea Salvanes for their video tutorial “Can ROV be used for biodiversity studies and for quantifying megafauna?” UiB, 6/12/2016

On December 7th, Anne-Laure Simonelli conducted the last activity of the Teach2Learn project, i.e. the follow-up reflection activity where students, in groups, are encouraged to share what they experienced during the project and to reflect on their learning. The collected data will be used to evaluate the Teach2Learn activities and to investigate active learning in biology through this innovative pedagogical practice.

Student groups during the follow-up reflection activity where 4 main questions are discussed and shared between all participants and A.L. Simonelli, coordinator of Teach2Learn. UiB, 7/12/17.

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