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bioCEED survey 2018 is now out

bioCEED is conducting a new survey on teaching and learning in biology. All major universities and university colleges in Norway with biology programs were invited to participate, and the survey is now out. This time the recipients are teachers and students. If you have received this survey, we hope you will participate and contribute to better mapping the current state of biology education in Norway.

The bioCEED Survey 2015

The current survey is a follow-up study on the bioCEED Survey 2015, in which teachers, students, administrative staff at universities in addition to representatives of the workforce employing biologists were surveyed on their views, thoughts and opinions on tertiary-level biology education in Norway.  In the current survey, students and university-teachers are asked many of the same questions, providing us the opportunity of comparison, and to look into developments in the sector. We are especially interested in the perspective of students and teachers when it comes to learning, motivation and support. A report will be available after the survey period.

Are you interested in our bioCEED survey 2015 report?

It is available on our web-page:

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