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Upcoming events: bioSEMINARS starting autumn 2018

This fall bioCEED will be conducting monthly seminars on teaching related topics.  Our aim is to provide a series of monthly seminars and workshops that will be of high relevance for teachers at BIO, but also for others interested in teaching. Once a month, teachers are invited to bring their lunch, and to get the possibility to discuss issues of importance to their own teaching – and hopefully also get some inspiration.

The bioSEMINARS will contain a range of different topics, and all participants are invited to suggest topics for future seminars. Sometimes a specialist might be invited to introduce a topic for discussion. But mostly, the seminars will be a place where the teachers at BIO can meet with other teachers, to share their own experiences with teaching, discussing issues at practical and theoretical levels and learn more about topics that are relevant to their own teaching practice. It might be an introduction to a teaching method, but it might also be a meeting inviting those already familiar with the method to discuss common experiences. The main idea is creating a monthly forum where teachers can meet on common ground to share experiences.

Topics likely to be discussed next term are, amongst others, team-based-learning, assessment, teaching and learning in field work, encouraging student motivation etc.

bioCEED will provide snacks and coffee. Program will be announced in forefront of each seminar.

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