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Online learning portal for Arctic Biology

UNIS is currently working on an online learning portal for Arctic Biology: The e-portal is still in under development, but the main structure and the general layout is in place and we are ready to fill in content.

We want to build a freely available e-learning portal, where one can find knowledge about Arctic ecosystems and organisms living in the Arctic. We hope the portal can be a resource for both students and teachers learning and teaching Arctic biology at University level, but also for high school teachers and pupils, Arctic nature guides and others.

The content is structured into 3 main parts:

  1. A knowledge base, with material provided by scientists working in the respective fields and adapted for online-presentation.
  2. Teaching and learning resources for students and teachers. This material will represent resources which are mainly going to be developed for UNIS courses.
  3. A resource library containing links to external resources, like further reading, videos, presentations, databases and more created by others not associated with UNIS/bioCEED.

By presenting information online, updates will be easy. Other resources like presentations, videos, quizzes and more can also be linked to the content, and comprise an engaging learning environment than can be actively used in UNIS courses.

To start with, the learning portal will focus on Arctic terrestrial organisms. With time, we hope to be able to also include the marine Arctic system, or at least be able to present a variety of teaching and learning resources in this field.

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