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The EU GDPR and the bioCEED newsletter

Dear readers,

The European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regulates the way businesses process and manage personal data. Effective as of 25 May 2018 and applicable to all businesses and organisations (e.g. hospitals, public administrations, etc.), it constitutes the biggest change to the EU’s data protection rules in over 20 years (original documents and info here).

bioCEED’s newsletter, bioCEEDnews uses a subscription list to send you a summary (with link) of its monthly edition. As of 30 May 2018, it is not completely clear whether bioCEED will be able to keep using this list in its present form. We might have to build a new subscription list for our newsletter and thus ask you to re-subscribed. We hope to have an answer to that question in the very near future. Should bioCEED have to create a new subscription list, you will be informed in an upcoming email and ask to register yourself via a provided link.

As a matter of clarity and transparency, bioCEED wishes to disclose the following regarding the current subscription list:

  • It contains email addresses of former and current bioCEED employees and students, members of bioCEED Advisory Board, members of bioCEED Centre Board, bioCEED collaborators (projects and research group), members student organisations (UiB), members of the Faculty Management at MatNat (UiB) and members of the University Board (UiB).
  • It contains the email address(es) of the persons who have signed up via the website or upon direct request to one of our administrative or scientific employees.
  • It contains email address groups/mailing lists of various departments within UiB, UNIS and IMR, as well as other institutions who have been in contact with bioCEED, or participants to bioCEED activities.
  • It is used solely for the purpose of sending you a summary of and link to the monthly newsletter.
  • It is neither accessible to nor shared with anyone (private persons or organizations) outside of the editorial board of the newsletter.
  • Unsubscribing from the bioCEED newsletter is as easy as sending us a request via this form.

                                                                                                                              The bioCEEDnews editors

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