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bioCEEDsters: Christian Bianchi Strømme

My name is Christian Bianchi Strømme and I have recently joined the inspiring environment at bioCEED as a postdoctoral researcher. The background for my involvement is the further development of the Bachelor’s programme in Biology at UiB, a process that encompasses a closer weaving of research practice and culture into course learning activities. Through a successful implementation of undergraduate research and inquiry-based learning as an approach to learning, the Department of Biological Sciences (BIO) will contribute to a growing trend spanning across countries. My main responsibilities are in the form of conducting research on student learning and acquisition of skills, in addition to coordinating the redesign process in collaboration with scientific and administrative staff members at UiB. As the redesign process can be expected to benefit from the spectrum of expertise that the research groups at BIO constitute, I am excited to build on my present skills and experience by contributing to this development.

My academic background is in biology, and my research experience resides primarily in tree ecophysiology through field-based trials. Moreover, I have substantial teaching experience in ecology and botany, and I draw from past pedagogical training in advancing my understanding of learning processes and good teaching practice. In addition, I have been involved in the implementation of teaching practices associated with undergraduate research and inquiry-based learning at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. This experience involved coordinating an academic development project financed by the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU) in cooperation with scientific and administrative staff members. The combination of these experiences have strengthened my belief in a holistic approach to higher education, research and development in academic institutions as a means to enhance both student learning as well as the promulgation of academic ideals and practice in society as a whole.

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