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A new course is in development: Leading Educational Change – through SoTL

Together with fellow SFU iEarth, we work with many individuals engaged in educational change initiatives. To better support these colleagues, specifically those in leadership roles, bioCEED and iEarth, and our partners in STEM education at Lund University, we are offering a new course. Leading Education Change—through SoTL will support the growth of skills and competences relevant for leading large-scale change in higher education. This course will introduce participants to current concepts of teaching and learning in higher education and educational leadership in a very broad sense. While there will be in-person classes and workshops, the main component of the course will be a group project addressing a developmental task anchored in the participants’ current roles in leadership of educational change. Stay tuned for updates on course projects. Many of you will likely be involved in these year-long projects, and we thank you in advance for your support!

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