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Bikuben student journal is coming soon!

Next semester, we are launching the first edition of Bikuben – a scientific journal for students at BIO. We want to publish a wide range of products representing all directions at BIO – from scientific articles and reviews, to video essays and artwork. These products can be modified versions of course-related assignments and projects, or something the students have created on their own.  Accepted submissions will be peer-reviewed by other students within the same field. Published material will serve as a concrete, valuable asset for students applying for jobs in the future.

The student journal will provide students with an opportunity for increased learning by producing and receiving feedback on their work. We want to provide extra motivation for students working on assignments and other projects, as they can develop these for the journal, and potentially reach a larger audience.

Submission-deadline for the first edition will be in September this autumn. Accepted contributions will gradually be published on the website and finally featured in a complete volume at the end of the semester.

Bikuben is a student driven project supported by bioCEED and the Diku project: Student active research and transferable skills in redesign of biology education.

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