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An Evidence-Based Approach to More Equitable STEM Education

The upcoming instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature Sehoya Cotner, leader of bioCEED.

In the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines women, first-generation college students, and students belonging to certain marginalized groups exhibit greater attrition than do their male peers, a gap that continues throughout most professions. How can we understand this pattern, and critically, what can we do (as administrators and instructors) to counter these trends? I will offer evidence–from my own work and that of others—to illustrate how instructional decisions exacerbate or minimize gaps in performance, participation, and retention. Ideally this topic will be relevant across higher education, as the STEM content itself is not my focus. Key to this interactive discussion are the take-home messages that emerge for STEM faculty; critically, many of them are easy to implement!

This event will be online via Zoom on March 23rd, 14.15–15.45 – more info and link on this PAGE.

Photo: bioCEED

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