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Some updates on the Annual report 2021 and bioCEED Board

The 2021 Annual Report have been finalized and shared with the bioCEED board and our funders at HKdir. Feel free to read the report in its entirety here.

The bioCEED Board has representatives from all the Centre partners, in addition to student representatives. The Board leader is appointed by the host institutions (UiB). We have had some changes and from 2022 the Board will consist of the following members: Yael Harlap (Board leader, UiB), Anne Bjune (Head of Education, BIO UiB), Jøran Moen (Director, UNIS), Kjersti Lea (Head of Department, IPED UiB), Kjell Nedreaas (IMR), Rebecca Gorniak (student representative, UNIS) and Pernille Eyde Nerlie (student representative, UiB). We er very thankful to have such constructive and competent Board members.

bioCEED met with our Centre Board on 24 February to present our annual report and review the past year. During the meeting, we gave a summary of highlights from 2021, discussed some plans for the coming year, and solicited input on sustainability strategies for bioCEED after the formal SFU period ends. A key take-home message is that the members expressed a shared interest in bioCEED sustainability and encouraged us to consult different models, in partner institutions, at different levels of organization. From these models, we will craft several possible scenarios for bioCEED 2.0 to share with leadership and start working toward a viable sustainability plan. Developing these plans will inform a significant part of our priorities for 2022.

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