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Student Poster Symposium at BIO, Autumn 2023

150 students from 5 BIO courses presented in total 50 posters at the Student Poster Symposium at Vil Vite, Tuesday Nov 28th 2023.

The students presented their work in the form of 60 second-pitches in the auditorium, before discussing their posters during the two following viewing sessions. In this event, we witnessed a great diversity in student projects and content at the department. All the students put a lot of effort into the science communication, both in the making of the posters, pitching the theme in the auditorium and discussing their findings in the viewing session.  

Students from the following courses presented this fall:  

If you are interested in seeing the posters, they are all available at the bioPITCH website. As you will find out, our students have great skills and taste in poster design, and you will certainly find inspiration for your own work. 

On the bioPITCH website, each poster has its own page, and students may use links to their work in their future communication, or when showcasing their skills to potential employers. 

Next Student Poster Symposium will take place May 23rd 2024 at VilVite.